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Liquid starters

Clean and affordable supplements designed to build soil quality and improve crop performance. Financing available ONLY on liquid starters.

Foliar Fertilizers

Herbicide compatible foliar fertilizers to produce more forage, raise bushel counts, produce a greener and denser lawn, and harvest more vegetables.

Soil Amendments

Focus on buidling healthy soil with Bio-Stimulants and Biologicals: Enzyme Max, Sweetener, Ultra Sweet, Soil Revitalizer and Liquid Velvet.

Herbicide Booster

Gain better control of herbicide resistant weeds with this 21st Century Surfactant! Faster absorption and deeper plant penetration for targeted weeds.

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We are dedicated to helping the end-user make proper fertilization and soil maintenance decisions. Call us today if you have a question about your soil test results, or just want to learn more about the innovative techonolgy behind Royal-Grow fertilizers, starters, bio-stimulants and biologicals.

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What Our Customers Say!

I expected that Royal-Grow would work as well as traditional fertilizers, but in fact, it worked all most as twice as well. Royal-Grow, hands down, is a better product for me.

- Curt Godard

Give Ultra Sweet a shot, and it will make you money. We have learned to use it in alot of different areas.

- Steve Boyles

The products are the most productive and fast acting products that I have ever seen. No solid fertilizer comes close! Royal-Grow is my fertilizer and soil supplement manufacturer of choice.

- Scott Herrmann, Oklahoma Habitat Solutions

The company has offered producers such as myself, a more cost effecient way to fertilize. The simplicity of the application and the performance has sold me!

- Curt Godard