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Start your crops with premium liquid starters!

7-24-4 and 3-18-18

enhance yields These clean and affordable NPK supplements, are recommended for agricultural crops for in furrow, beside the row, or foliar applications. The liquid products allow for more even coverage and even flow. The plant and soil nutrients are immediately available to the plant during critical, early growth stages.

  • Herbicide, Pesticide and Fungicide compatible
  • Salt index less than 35 percent
  • Zero heavy metals
  • Non-corrosive, Non-toxic, and low pH levels
  • Only available in full tank loads

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Soil Tests.

Please conduct a soil test or trial prior to completely switching to a Royal-Grow program. This allows you to see which products work best in your area. We also recommend conducting a jar test to ensure compatibility with water and herbicides. Our soil specialists will review soil tests and recommend proper nutrient levels.

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