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Building Soil For Better Crops!

Managing soil health is one of the easiest and most effective ways for producers to increase crop and forage productivity and profitability, while also improving the environment. At Royal-Grow, we realize the importance of soil health in crop and forage prodcution. We offer a variety of affordable products that boost soil and microbial life, and ultimately enhance yields.

Royal-Grow products enhance yields, while also taking a step in the right direction to improve the soil and environment. Our company focuses on the biology of the soil. We strive to rebuild the organic matter and microbial life, so the plants and crops can grow in a healthier environment. Royal-Grow offers the following products: Soil Sweeteners and Humics, Soil Biologicals and Bio-Stimulants, Foliar Lime Products and Micro Nutrients


Soil Sweeteners and Biologicals

Enzyme Max® -Soil Biological

An affordable and powerful soil biological that alleviates the effects of compaction, increases nutrient uptake, and promotes healthier plant growth. This product is an advanced composition of minerals, essential nutrients, humic acids, and beneficial microbes.

  • Contains strains of live microbes, micronutrients and minerals
  • Enzyme Max® is an approved input for organic production
  • Suspended in humic acid
  • Compatible with most herbicides and pesticides
  • Recommended application rate: 12.8 ounces per acre. 1 gallon per 10 acres.
  • Available as an approved organic input. Call for organic pricing.


A cold-processed sweetener that delivers a health-boosting shot of energy to invigorate the plants.

  • Reduces insect pressure - Sweetener consistently reduces insect pressure by raising the BRIX level in the plant.
  • Compatible with other fertilizer, herbicide and fungicide treatments
  • Contains enyzmes, carbohydrates and a trace element pack
  • Stays in suspension
  • Increases yield potential by improving plant and soil health
  • Low per acre cost - REQUEST A QUOTE
  • Recommended application rate of dry sweetener - 1-2 pounds per acre.


Ultra Sweet

Ultra Sweet is an affordable, liquid energy boost for plants! This sweetener encourages and fuels microbial activity in the soil. Ultra Sweet contains complex carbohydrates that feed the beneficial microbes.
Salt content = 0.3%.
Recommended application rate of 16 ounces per acre. Available as an approved organic input. Call for organic pricing.


Micro Nutrients

Micro Pack™

Micro Pack is a chelated combination of Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Boron, and is essential to plant nutrition for the prevention and treatment of micronutrient deficiency. This chelated mineral composition provides faster absorption and a quicker response for plant up-take. It reduces input costs, while building a stronger soil profile and increasing water holding capacity.
Recommended application rate of 16 - 96 ounces per acre.


Transcend is a blended product of Enzyme Max, AMP and a micronutrient pack formulated for application in-furrow for maximum efficiency during wheat, corn and soybean planting. Transcend promotes deep roots that help with drought resistance. It increases earlier growth and maturity, lowers moisture at harvest, improves root mass, and increases yields and profits.
Recommended application rate of 16 - 64 ounces per acre.


Foliar Lime Products

Soil Revitalizer 10-0-0

Save time and money by mixing and applying Soil Revitalizer, a liquid form of calcium with herbicides and foliar fertilizers! It is a plant absorbed product that allows for quicker pH adjustment. Salt content = 0.3%.
Recommended application rate of 16 - 96 ounces per acre.

Calcium Nitrate 15-0-0-36

Calcium Nitrate is a 100% water soluble, fast acting form of liquid calcium. Provides necessary calcium for plant nutrition and sodium displacement. It is an excellent solution for calcium deficiencies in various crops.
Recommended application rate of 32 - 96 ounces per acre.


Application Rates.

Call a representative today to discuss rates in detail.

Producers have been satisfied with lower application rates. However, we have found that results vary due to soil conditions, rainfall, temperatures, plant types, application rates and timing. Since the results vary in different areas, we have increased our starting application rates. Feel free to use lower rates, if you are satisfied with past results.