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Herbicide Booster Data and Results

Gain better control of herbicide tolerant plants! Herbicide Booster is a necessity for all crop and forage producers!

Using the 21st Century technology, the Herbicide Booster particles combine with the herbicide’s active ingredient. This combination breaks the barrier on the leaf and allows the herbicide to move deep into the plant, instead of staying on the surface of the leaf. This results in a higher kill rate.

In pasture trials, a desired kill has been achieved with minimal rates of herbicide when applied with Herbicide Booster at 2- 8 ounces per acre. A similar response has been found in crop scenarios such as burn down or when dealing with tolerantt weeds, such as Mare’s Tail, Kochia and Waterhemp

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Eliminate Pigweed in your fields!

This Pigweed was eliminated with a treatment of 32 ounces Powermax and Herbicide Booster!

pigweed killed

Corn Field Treatment

First picture: June 8, 2014 Central Nebraska corn field before Herbicide Booster treatment.

Second picture: June 18, 2014 10 days after treatment of herbicide and 4 ounces of Herbicide Booster.

2014 Surfactant Efficacy Study

The following plots are part of a three year herbicide and surfactant study. The plots are 25'x50'. The first application was applied on August 11, 2014 at 10:15 a.m. Wind Direction and speed = NE at 3mph; Temperature = 86 Degrees F. We will continue to update this page with results from the study.

plot 1

Plot 1: Sure Shot Surfactant at 4.8 oz./acre and Grazon Next Herbicide at 1.5 pts./acre

plot 2

Plot 2: Stick Em Surfactant at 4.8 oz./acre and Grazon Next Herbicide at 1.5 pts./acre

Plot 3

Plot 3: Royal-Grow Herbicide Booster at 4 oz./acre and Grazon Next Herbicide at 1.5 pts./acre

Plot 5

Plot 5: Royal-Grow Herbicide Booster at 2 oz./acre and Grazon Next Herbicide at 1.5 pts./acre

Blackberry Treatment

Herbicide treatment on blackberry bushes in Kansas, Okla. The customer mixed 4 ounces of Herbicide Booster with 2 ounces of Amine. This mixture eliminated blackberry bushes and persimmon trees. Results were noticeable within a couple of days.

Picture 1: Before application. Pictures 2 and 3: After application.

blackberry bushes