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Crop and Forage Foliar Fertilizers

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Are you ready to enhance yields and reduce input costs?

The following NPK levels were designed specifically for use on forage or crops. These products have exceeded customer's expectations at increasing plant growth and building soil health. The Royal-Grow foliar fertilizers are extremely popular during spring applications because they are all herbicide compatible!

  • Safe to apply around livestock
  • Herbicide compatible - Save time and money!
  • Low salt content - No damage to equipment or plant burn after application.
  • Eliminates the need for a surfactant - Royal-Grow works as the surfactant.

Royal-Grow recommends a starting forage application rate of 64-96 ounces per 10-15 gallons of water. Producers have been satisfied with lower application rates. However, we have found that results vary due to soil conditions, rainfall,temperatures, plant types, application rates and timing. Since the results vary in different areas, we have increased our entry-level pasture application rates. Feel free to use lower rates, if you are satisfied with past results.

Please conduct a soil test prior to selecting an NPK product. The results will help you determine which levels will work best in your area. Contact us today to discuss the results from your soil test! 1-888-292-5760 or

All Purpose Plant Food 20-20-20

A well balanced, popular liquid fertilizer in the Royal-Grow line. All Purpose Plant Food increases plant growth on pastures, crops.
Salt content = 1.5%

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Supreme Plant Food 32-0-0

A popular product in the Royal-Grow line. It is designed to maximize plant yields in both forage and crop operations. This product now contains 10% sulfur.
Salt content = 1.1%

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Phosphorus Balancer 20-0-20

This NPK blend works well in areas that currently have higher levels of phosphorus. It was designed to balance the phosphorus levels for forage and crop operations.
Salt content = 1.1%

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Plant Stimulator 12-16-8

This root stimulator was designed for seeding time or anytime enhanced plant development is desired. Ideal for gardens or agricultural operations.
Salt content = 1.0%

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Legume Blend 9-18-9

Specifically designed to increase plant growth and maximize production levels for all legume plants. Excellent product for enhancing soybean production.

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